What if your child care wasn't just a place to drop off the kids but a vital part of raising a happy, healthy child? 

That's why the Raising Kids Together community exists - to take child care from frustrating to fantastic! 

Diverse Kindergarten

Child care is a huge headache. Let me tell you why searching is so hard and the results are often so underwhelming...

The options are confusing.

Just deciding what you want is tricky when the terms are unfamiliar and regulations vary widely by state. 

*By deciding on 4 key factors up front you can massively simplify and clarify your search. That is the first thing we will work on in Raising Kids Together. 

Quality is essential yet elusive. 

More brain development happens from ages 0-5 than any other time. But the quality of providers is all over the map & hard to assess. 

*Parents don't receive any formal training on early learning - why is that?!? In Raising Kids Together we'll go over the highlights to better prepare you to find child care. Bonus - it'll help you improve your parenting too!

The process is a huge time suck. 

From the research to the phone call & emails to the paperwork, finding care alone can take a minimum of 20-30 hours. 

*Expert guidance will save you countless hours of wasted effort. Everyone in Raising Kids Together gets access to a "Launch My Search" starter kit to set you off on the right foot! 

The search systems are broken. 


We lack a clear, easy-to-use system for identifying which providers are great and available to provide care. 

*There are tried and true tricks for building a list of leads & determining availability that don't require spending a fortune on waitlist + agency fees. Let me teach you the secret in Raising Kids Together. 

It's hard to stay motivated. 


Hearing "no availability" again and again can be a drag, and lackluster tours/interviews can be seriously discouraging. 

*Just like anything else, finding amazing child care takes work. The Raising Kids Together community will provide you with the advice, accountability, and moral support to get the kind of care you want for your family. 

And now what do I do ???

The best laid plans in child care seem to have a way of falling apart, so how do you keep that from happening or respond when it does?

*Enrolling in daycare/preschool or hiring a nanny is just the beginning. In Raising Kids Together we'll talk explicitly about what next so you can make a successful transition into the care you've worked so hard to find! 

If If you find yourself nodding to any of the challenges above and saying, "Yep!", well then great news - I can help! 


Raising Kids Together:

Taking Child Care from Frustrating to Fantastic

A monthly membership community that will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and support to find + sustain child care that is worth the effort

Stacking Blocks

What's Included in Raising Kids Together:

A "Launching your Search" starter kit that takes you step-by-step through the process of finding great nannies, daycares, & preschools so you don't waste hours on fruitless research. Chock full of timelines, tools, templates and FAQ videos, you'll walk away ready to dive into your search. Goes live Nov. 2nd! 

Value: $120

"In the Know" monthly trainings give you the insider info you need to find & sustain great care. I will share with you the pro-tips I've used to help hundreds of families find care. I will teach you what the research tells us about early learning so that you'll know quality care when you see it AND you'll have new ideas to apply to your parenting. Plus, I'll make sure you're in the loop as child care regulations and best practices evolve during COVID-19. The first 3 trainings are: 

  • November: Finding the Best Type of Care for Your Family

  • December: How to Find Your "Perfect Match" Provider 

  • January: What the Research Tells us About High Quality Learning

Value: $40/mo

Q&A Circle every other week to answer your questions about your specific situation! No need to spin your wheels or get demoralized - you've got my expert advice to troubleshoot the inevitable bumps in the road, whether you have care or you're still looking for it. Q&As will take place on Zoom and will be recorded so you can watch them live or catch up later. First Q&A Call is Nov. 11th! 

Value: $200/mo 

Monthly accountability check-ins to keep you on track as you juggle all the OTHER things that go with home + work + parenting young kids.

Value: $50/mo 



Access to the Raising Kids Together "members-only" community of other families in the same boat for input, inspiration, motivation, and moral support. There is no read to go this alone! Goes live in November! 

Value: $50/mo

TOTAL VALUE: $350/mo 

Actual Price: $67/mo

First Cohort Price: $57/mo with a 3 mo commitment

Good 'Til NOVEMBER 7th! 

*If you've been laid off during this time, are on ERDC/DHS, or otherwise and want to be part of this community but can't afford it, reach out to me via the contact form and let's work something out!!! 

Your child may spend upwards of 40 hours a week in child care. OF COURSE you want them to be with someone good.


But...why join a membership program? 


Who is this for? 

Anyone raising kids ages 0 - 6 who is looking for regular full or part-time care. Parents, grandparents, cousins, kinfolk...if you're raising kiddos you're welcome here, whoever you are and however you identify! 

Note that my expertise is on the state of Oregon -  80% of the process is the same any where, but the specific websites and guidelines around ratios, etc. will be different if you live elsewhere. 

Can't I just figure this out myself? 

Of course you can! If YouTube can teach me how to train for a marathon, surely you can figure out how to find a place for your kid...

HOWEVER, much like training for a marathon, finding child care involves a lot of hard work and elbow grease that can lead many folks to put it off until the last minute. This results in limited options, LOTS of stress, and often requires you to search again in another 1-2 years because you never got the kind of care you wanted.

I have helped hundreds of people find child care. I have this down to a science. Why waste your time on internet rabbit holes when I can just teach you exactly what you need to know? 

We're waiting for a vaccine so I don't need this yet. 

Every family should ABSOLUTELY make the best choice for themselves during this difficult time. But just because you're waiting to start care, I wouldn't recommend waiting to start your search and here's why. 


We didn't have enough care before, now we have less due to places going out of business during the pandemic, and there is going to be a HUGE bubble of folks all wanting care at the same time. The current system does not have the capacity to absorb everyone in June or September or whenever there's a vaccine in wide usage.

So now is the perfect time to get clear on your needs, source some options, and get the research out of the way so when the floodgates open, you've got a plan in place. 

What's with the 3 month commitment? Am I locked into this for life? 

The initial commitment is 3 months because that's honestly the minimum it takes to find and get started with great child care if you're doing the legwork on your own.


After that you'll pay by the month and can cancel anytime. But trust me, once we get started you're not going to want to! 

What is a "Founding Member"?

As a Founding Member of Raising Kids Together, you'll be helping me start a brand new community. For the past year I've managed an online community of over 1000 people, and I've done one-on-one consulting work with over 60 families, but as a Founding Member you'll be on the ground floor of a new program that combines the best of both worlds. 

Why do this as a group? Isn't it faster one-on-one? 

Absolutely and I do individual consulting as well, which is particularly useful if you need child care STAT. If that's your situation contact me below! 


Time + Training + Expert Guidance + Community Support = 


Join now and lock in the First Cohort Price of $57/mo with a 3 month commitment. Get the tools, support, and community you need to take your child care from frustrating to fantastic! 

About Me

I created this program because I've been there. 

I have a background in early education and teaching, but five years ago when I started looking for my first child I had no idea when to start or where to look or how to find someone with openings ASAP. I found something but the process of finding care was such a chaotic mess I wanted to see if there was a better way. 

Fast forward to today, and I've visited over 70 providers in the area and help run the application process for over 30. Through my classes, consulting, and online coaching I've helped hundreds of families in their search.

I am passionate about the importance of this moment in our children's lives and outraged at how little guidance families get when it comes to finding child care.


I am eager to help you find care that helps your child to thrive and gives you the support you need to be the best parent you can be. Let's get started! 


"You are magic!!! Thank you so very much!"

-Mom of 2, NW Portland

Here's what people who've worked with me have to say: 

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