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What if your child care wasn't just a place to drop off the kids but a vital part of raising a happy, healthy child? 

That's why the Raising Kids Together community exists - to take child care from frustrating to fantastic! 

The options are confusing.

Here's what you already know - finding child care is an enormous headache.

The process is a huge time suck. 

The search systems are broken. 

It's hard to stay motivated. 

Quality is essential but elusive.

But it doesn't have to be that way...


Raising Kids Together:

Taking Child Care from Frustrating to Fantastic

A monthly membership community that will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and support to find + sustain child care that is worth the effort

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What's Included in Raising Kids Together:

A "Launching your Search" online video course that walks you from "we need care now what?" to transitioning into your perfect daycare, preschool, or nanny set-up.  

Value: $100

Q&A Circle twice a month via Zoom where you get designated time with me to talk through your questions, next steps, and challenges! 

Value: $100/mo 

Access to the Raising Kids Together "members-only" community where you can post an unlimited number of questions for immediate feedback from me and other families just like yours! 

Value: $50/mo

"In the Know" monthly trainings on child development to help you bring best practices from the parenting world into your own toolkit at home plus get a better sense of what "good" child care should look like. Past topics have included child development milestones, developmentally appropriate curriculum, and sensory activities! 

Value: $40/mo

Weekly accountability check-ins to keep you on track as you juggle all the OTHER things that go with home + work + parenting young kids.

Value: $50/mo 

TOTAL VALUE: $280/mo 

Actual Price: $67/mo

*If you've been laid off during this time, are on ERDC/DHS, or otherwise and want to be part of this community but can't afford it, reach out to me via the contact form and let's work something out!!! 

Wondering if this would be a good fit for your family? Got questions? Let's talk!

I'm so thankful to have been part of the first RKT group!  I've found your nanny toolkit and your childcare expertise to be invaluable.  It keeps me from being too anxious about the next steps of childcare and that we will be able to figure something out when the time comes to transition away from a nanny.  Although we've been in Portland now for almost 6 years, we are very new to the childcare scene and our friend circle doesn't have many contacts in that scene either.  Knowing I can ask questions and you have resources is very comforting.

Chelsey G. 


Raising Kids Together



If you’re looking for childcare, this program is for you. Ren and her program are the best. We were completely clueless looking for care for our 2.5 year old during the holidays, and in a pandemic! We signed up for this program and were able to save so much time and headaches! Ren’s program walked us through what were our priorities (we didn’t even know!), how to check licenses and how to chose between different providers. Ren celebrated with us once we found our place and supported our transition. Our daughter has been in care for two weeks now and we’ve received feedback on how to continue engaging with our provider and how to establish a great relationship. Ren has all the great tools organized and summarized so that parents can succeed in finding a childcare provider that works for them! Seriously. This is for you.

Parents J. & E.

Your child may spend upwards of 40 hours a week in child care. OF COURSE you want them to be with someone good.


But...why join a membership program? 


Who is this for? 

Anyone raising kids ages 0 - 6 who is looking for regular full or part-time care. Parents, grandparents, cousins, kinfolk...if you're raising kiddos you're welcome here, whoever you are and however you identify! 

Note that my expertise is on the state of Oregon -  80% of the process is the same any where, but the specific websites and guidelines around ratios, etc. will be different if you live elsewhere. 

Can't I just figure this out myself? 

Of course you can! If YouTube can teach me how to train for a marathon, surely you can figure out how to find a place for your kid...

HOWEVER, much like training for a marathon, finding child care involves a lot of hard work and elbow grease that can lead many folks to put it off until the last minute. This results in limited options, LOTS of stress, and often requires you to search again in another 1-2 years because you never got the kind of care you wanted.

I have helped hundreds of people find child care. I have this down to a science. Why waste your time on internet rabbit holes when I can just teach you exactly what you need to know? 

What's with the 3 month commitment? Am I locked into this for life? 

The initial commitment is 3 months because that's honestly the minimum it takes to find and get started with great child care if you're doing the legwork on your own.


After that you'll pay by the month and can cancel anytime. But trust me, once we get started you're not going to want to! 

Why do this as a group? Isn't it faster one-on-one? 

Absolutely and I do individual consulting as well, which is particularly useful if you need child care STAT. If that's your situation contact me below! 


Time + Training + Expert Guidance + Community Support = 


About Me

I created this program because I've been there. 

I have a background in early education and teaching, but five years ago when I started looking for my first child I had no idea when to start or where to look or how to find someone with openings ASAP. I found something but the process of finding care was such a chaotic mess I wanted to see if there was a better way. 

Fast forward to today, and I've visited over 70 providers in the area and help run the application process for over 30. Through my classes, consulting, and online coaching I've helped hundreds of families in their search.

I am passionate about the importance of this moment in our children's lives and outraged at how little guidance families get when it comes to finding child care.


I am eager to help you find care that helps your child to thrive and gives you the support you need to be the best parent you can be. Let's get started! 


"You are magic!!! Thank you so very much!"

-Mom of 2, NW Portland

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